Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The things i love

The things i love: my dad, my mom, my family, my sister, and my two brothers, my aunts, and uncles, tulips blooms ,comics books, sleeping, Christmas, birthdays, Halloween ,ducks, earrings, shopping, justice, Jesus, my friends, my scooter, rock, trees,temples, Mama Rachel,camping, my Grandma, my grandpa, my cousins, flowers, notes to mom, making Chloe laugh,dance, the park ,movies, school, drawing,swimming, snow, reading, ice cream
my favoite books are: the wonderful wizard of oz, goose girl, molly mystery, illustrated stories for girl, the little house in the big wood, the magic school bus, magyk( by angie sage),and i like graphic novels like the baby sitters club and things like that.